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Foundational Sponsors

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: NRDC


The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is an international nonprofit environmental organization with more than 3 million members and online activists. Since 1970, our lawyers, scientists, and other environmental specialists have worked to protect the world's natural resources, public health, and the environment. NRDC has offices in New York City, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Bozeman, MT, and Beijing. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @NRDC.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: NRECA


The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association is the national trade association representing more than 900 local electric cooperatives. From growing suburbs to remote farming communities, electric co-ops serve as engines of economic development for 42 million Americans across 56 percent of the nation’s landmass. As local businesses built by the consumers they serve, electric cooperatives have meaningful ties to rural America and invest $12 billion annually in their communities.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Tri-State G&T

Tri-State G&T

Our Mission
We are a not-for-profit cooperative power supplier and our mission is to provide our member systems a reliable, affordable and responsible supply of electricity in accordance with cooperative principles.

Our Members
We are a cooperative of 46 members, including 43 electric distribution cooperatives and public power districts in four states (CO, NE, NM, WY) that together provide power to more than a million electricity consumers across nearly 200,000 square miles of the West.

Cooperative Difference
What makes us unique among utilities is that cooperatives like Tri-State are member-owned and governed and operate on a not-for-profit basis. Our governing decisions are based on sound financial principles, utility industry best practices and, most importantly, the needs of our members.

GigaWatt Sponsors

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Enel


Enel operates in the US and Canada through two companies: Enel Green Power North America and Enel X North America. Enel Green Power North America is a leading owner and operator of renewable energy plants with a presence in 14 US states and one Canadian province. The company operates 58 plants with a managed capacity of over 6.6 GW powered by wind, geothermal and solar energy. Enel X in North America has around 4,500 business customers, spanning more than 35,000 sites, representing approximately $10.5B in energy spend under management, approximately 4.7 GW of demand response capacity and over 70 battery storage projects that are operational and under contract. Enel X is revolutionizing the EV charging market with its smart charging solutions deploying over 70,000 charging stations in the US.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Golden Spread Electric Cooperative

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a not-for-profit generation and transmission cooperative organized in 1984 to provide low-cost reliable electric power and energy to its 16 Member cooperatives. Golden Spread’s Members provide electric service to approximately 301,000 electric meters serving member consumers located in the Panhandle, South Plains and Edwards Plateau regions of Texas, an area covering 24 percent of the Texas land mass, and in the Oklahoma Panhandle, Southwest Kansas and Southern Colorado. With approximately 1,745 MW of owned generation, Golden Spread prides itself on reliably and efficiently meeting Members’ power supply needs with a flexible and diverse generation fleet that can maximize the benefits of participation in both the Southwest Power Pool and Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives

North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives

Driven by service and inspired by innovation, North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives are building a brighter future for 2.5 million North Carolinians. Beyond providing electricity, each of the 26 not-for-profit cooperatives is developing and delivering new energy solutions to exceed their members’ expectations and improve the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC)

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC)

ODEC is a not-for-profit, member-owned, power supply cooperative. It supplies the wholesale power requirements of its 11 member electric distribution cooperatives, which provide safe, affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity to 1.5 million people in 70 counties in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Learn more at

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Steffes Corporation

Steffes Corporation

Steffes LLC is a manufacturing leader in multiple industries, including providing innovative energy management and heating solutions. Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating is a technology that Steffes has 30+ years of experience to optimize and better utilize electrical energy. Steffes is a North Dakota manufacturing company and a global designer of energy solutions with more than 500 employees. Steffes strongly supports the "Beneficial Electrification" Initiative since it provides energy equity for all stakeholders and offers, particularly to end-users, the ability to have a real, significant, and positive impact on the evolution of the grid and distribution systems.

MegaWatt Sponsors

Central Iowa Power Cooperative

CIPCO – Central Iowa Power Cooperative

Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) is a member-owned not-for-profit electric cooperative generating and transmitting power to our 13 member-owned rural electric cooperatives and associations. CIPCO is a cooperative energy provider celebrating over 70 years of service to our member systems.

CIPCO is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable electric service to our members. We take pride in providing efficient and sustainable sources of energy and linking them to our members in a way that reduces our carbon footprint and minimizes the impact to the environment.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Colorado Rural Electric Association

Colorado Rural Electric Association

CREA is the statewide trade association for Colorado’s 22 electric cooperatives and its generation and transmission cooperative. Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020, CREA provides legislative representation at the state and national levels, education opportunities for directors and employees, risk management, youth activities and a communication program centered around Colorado Country Life magazine. CREA member co-ops cover 70% of the state’s land mass and serve nearly 1.5 millions electric consumers.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Dakota Electric Association

Dakota Electric Association®

Dakota Electric Association®, founded in 1937 as a not-for-prof­it, customer-owned distribution electric util­ity, serves more than 110,000 members in an area covering much of Dakota County and portions of Goodhue, Rice and Scott counties in Minnesota, just south of the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan area.

Dakota Electric was an early leader in load management and currently has the ability to shed more than 20% of its peak demand. The co-op, along with its wholesale energy supplier Great River Energy, expects to achieve 50% renewable energy production by 2030.

A twelve-person board of directors, consist­ing of and elected by members, governs the cooperative. Dakota Electric is regulated by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission and is the only electric coopera­tive regulated by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: East Central Energy

East Central Energy

East Central Energy – ECE is a member-owned electric cooperative. Formed in 1936, we currently provide electric service to nearly 61,000 homes, farms and businesses in east central Minnesota and northeastern Wisconsin.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Enertech Global

Enertech Global

Enertech Global is a leading manufacturer and visionary in the geothermal heating and cooling industry and has been for over 20 years.  With corporate headquarters in Greenville, IL, and production facilities in Mitchell, SD, Enertech Global’s award winning products are proudly made in the heart of America and are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.  The company’s product lines consist of GeoComfort®, Hydron Module®, and TETCO® brands.  Enertech Global looks at projects from a wholistic view, distributing a full suite of products from solar PV to geothermal accessories, so residences and commercial applications can more easily achieve an all-electric and/or net zero building.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Geothermal Exchange Organization

Geothermal Exchange Organization

The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) is the voice of the geothermal heat pump industry in the United States. As a non-profit trade association, GEO promotes the manufacture, design and installation of GeoExchange systems: the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology in the world. GEO supports its members' businesses while promoting maximum, sustainable growth of the geothermal heat pump industry through Advocacy, Partnerships, Public Outreach, and Promotion of Quality Standards.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor:Hoosier Energy

Hoosier Energy

Hoosier Energy is a non-profit generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative created in 1949 to provide wholesale power and services to member distribution cooperatives. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, the G&T serves 18 member systems in Southern and Central Indiana and Southeastern Illinois.

Collectively, member cooperatives operate and maintain more than 37,000 miles of distribution lines and provide electric service to more than 300,000 consumers or about 686,000 people in 59 Indiana and Illinois counties.

Our mission reflects commitment to members. Hoosier Energy’s mission is to provide members with assured, reliable and competitively priced energy and services in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner. We demonstrate our commitment to that mission through our actions and results.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC)

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC)

REC is a member-owned utility that provides electric service to nearly 170,000 connections in portions of 22 Virginia counties. The Cooperative was formed in 1980 after the consolidation of two cooperatives, Virginia Electric Cooperative in Bowling Green and Northern Piedmont Electric Cooperative in Culpeper. REC's general office is in Spotsylvania County.

REC operates and maintains more than 17,000 miles of power lines through its service area, which ranges from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The Cooperative serves a variety of residential, commercial and industrial accounts. REC provides the electricity for such familiar names as Kings Dominion Amusement Park, Equinix, Inc., Merillat Industries, General Electric, Axalta, Kraft Foods Group, Inc. and Southeastern Container, Inc.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Rheem


Brothers Richard and Donald Rheem founded Rheem Manufacturing Company in Emeryville, CA, in 1925. While the company has produced a number of products in its nearly 100 years of operation, Rheem is currently the only manufacturer in the world that produces heating, cooling, water heating, pool & spa heating and commercial refrigeration products, and it is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: TrackerSled


Pre-engineered TrackerSleds allow Rural Electric Co-ops to develop front-of-the-meter solar farms without specialized knowledge, surveys, geotechnical testing, and pile driving. By simplifying solar development, TrackerSled allows Rural Electric Co-ops to benefit its members by keeping energy dollars in their community. Since TrackerSleds are mobile, farmers can use them to ground-truth regenerative techniques to improve their profits.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: Wabash Valley Power Alliance

Wabash Valley Power Alliance

Wabash Valley Power Alliance is a not-for-profit electric generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative based in Indianapolis. The G&T provides wholesale electricity to 23 retail electric distribution cooperatives in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Collectively, these cooperatives supply electricity to more than 311,000 homes, farms, schools, and businesses.

Beneficial Electrification Sponsor: WaterFurnace International

WaterFurnace International

Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, WaterFurnace has been synonymous with geothermal and water source heat pump technology since we were founded in 1983. Our systems have been installed across all 50 states and in countries around the world. Over the years we've worked to innovate new technologies, integrate key trends and grow our core business to represent clean and sustainable solutions. Our units combine sound engineering with the highest levels of quality control to provide our customers with some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the planet.

KiloWatt Sponsors

Dairyland Power Cooperative
Dairyland Power Cooperative
Great River Energy
Great River Energy
Mitsubishi – Trane HVAC
Mitsubishi – Trane HVAC

In-Kind Supporters

  • Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, Inc.
  • Slipstream
  • EESI - Environment & Energy Study Institute
  • Minnesota Rural Electric Assn.
  • Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Assn.
  • Iowa Assn. of Electric Co-ops